We’ve made some improvements and fixes to the Desktop Windows App.

File locking for private folders

File locking for Private directories will be disabled by default.

Quick access shortcuts and AutoCAD xref file links

Fix for issues where Quick access shortcuts not working and AutoCAD xref file links broken.

Desktop redirected to private folder

Fix for an issue where desktop content redirected to private folder not showing up upon reboot.

Solidworks unable to locate files

Fix for an issue where Solidworks program cannot find any files or folders.

Wlanapi.dll missing

Fix for issues when the missing wlanapi.dll is being reported.

Conflict when saving Adobe After Effect files

Fix for issue with conflict copies created for Adobe After Effect files (.AEP).

Intermittent upload of files with 0 bytes

Fix for issue with intermittent upload of files with zero bytes despite the actual file size.


Upgrade to the latest version today.