We’ve made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out.

Username change on CFS results in files not getting synced to the cloud

Enhanced the synchronizer service to identify username changes in the cloud and make appropriate adjustments when syncing files changed by these users.

An older version of a file got uploaded to CFS

Fixed a rare condition in sync that resulted in an older version being uploaded to CFS as the latest version. This condition occurred in specific scenarios where the user moved a folder or files from one location to another.

Unable to access the Storage Sync UI from NETGEAR admin UI

Addressed an issue with the Storage Sync certificate service, which resulted in a frequent update to the certificates, which resulted in a temporary disruption of access to the Storage Sync UI.

Unable to view updates to AutoCAD files on Storage Sync

AutoCAD files have a different mechanism of enforcing and checking locks, by creating custom files with .DWL MIME type. We made adjustments to the synchronizer logic to recognize these lock files and keep them in sync between Storage Sync and the cloud.


How to upgrade:

  • No action required if you are on the latest version of Storage Sync 11.4.8

  • If you are on an earlier version of Storage Sync, ensure that you update the NETGEAR ReadyNAS firmware to the latest version first. Storage Sync will then automatically update to the latest version.

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