We've made some improvements with the latest version of Turbo based on your feedback and can't wait for you to check them out.

  • Support for deployments in China: For customers who run their Turbo devices behind restrictive firewalls using IP whitelisting, the Turbo device can only connect to a list of pre-defined IP addresses. This poses a problem, as Turbo devices, by default, are downloading new docker images from gcr.io, which is a cloud-based service that can resolve to a wide list of IP addresses that may change over time.

    In order to mitigate this issue, we have created a Proxy that presents a static, public, singular IP. The customers will able to enable/disable this Proxy via the maintenance menu using the "Toggle Egnyte Proxy for Google Cloud" option.

    By removing the dependency on whitelisting Google addresses, we can now support customer deployments in China.


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