We've made some changes to improve your experience on the Web UI and can't wait for you to check them out. 

  • Smart Cache - displaying Cache Hit ratio: To improve the visibility of the usage for the smart cache on Turbo devices, we are extending the device details page with an additional "Device Usage" tab. Administrators will be able to find there a visualization of the cache hit ratio (requests served from cache/total no. of requests) as a percentage. The chart is displayed as a trend line over a certain period of time - intervals ranging between 12 hours, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. Note: Additional tab is going to be visible only when the smart cache is enabled on the device. Read smart cache FAQ for more details. 


  • General availability for file & folder templates: After a successful BETA stage and positive feedback, we are releasing file & folder templates to all of our customers. The changes will be available to all users on July 10, 2020. Please read our BETA article for more information. 

  • Internal Error email notification for Smart Cache (FKA Turbo) devices: For each company, it is crucial to make sure that all devices stay healthy and up to date. However, if there are any issues, the time to solve problems is essential. To reduce the time between any issue that might appear and awareness of it, we are extending our Turbo email notifications. From now, besides "Out of disk space" and "Offline longer than 24h" types of emails, Egnyte will be sending an "Internal Error" email notification when an unhealthy device is discovered.


  • An ability to search by modified time: Search is one of the quickest ways to find files and folders. To make it more efficient, we are adding additional filters. From now, all users will be able to search by modified time. 


  • An issue with filtering links when folder path contained "#" character: Resolved an issue related to incorrect filtering for all domain links when folder path contained "#" character.

  • Disabling the ability to export more than 300k domain links: Due to a need to generate large spreadsheets and to encourage our customers to use recently added filters we are disabling the ability to export more than 300k domain links to a file. Instead, administrators should use filters to decrease the amount of data.

  • Enforcing Outlook integration users to reauthorize: Solved an issue related to enforcing Outlook users to reauthorize, including lost Outlook Add-In settings (i.e., Default folder path).

  • An error when trying to edit files via WebEdit: Solved an error "Unknown error opening file to edit" received when trying to edit files via WebEdit. The error appeared due to the retry feature that was reverted.

  • Accessible folder by users without any permissions: Resolved an edge case related to having access to a folder by users without any permission. 

Additional Information and Resources

In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains:

  • Minor improvements to plan details page
  • Minor improvements to Two Factor Authentication messages 
  • Improvements to local read events