We’ve made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out.

  • Simplified disk migration from Storage Sync 11.x: We have introduced a new capability that significantly simplifies the process of upgrading from Storage Sync 11.x to Storage Sync 12.1. The process involves turning off the Storage Sync 11.x VM, deploying a Storage Sync 12.1 OVA, and reattaching the data disks to the Storage Sync 12.1 VM. Once the VM turns on, administrators no longer require to re-configure the device to make it operational. 

  • Unlock files from Storage Sync Interface: Introduced a new feature where administrators can remotely close the SMB user sessions of files that are opened and locked for editing. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where a user who is editing a file is not available to close it. As a consequence, other users are unable to edit the file. In such a scenario, the administrator can sign in to the Storage Sync UI and close the SMB session for that file being requested.



  • Support for SMB3 protocol: Introduced support for SMB3 protocol to provide increased security, richer collaboration features, and improved performance for user applications on host systems that support SMB3 protocol.

  • Renaming a large folder in CFS results in folder delete on Storage Sync: Addressed an issue where Storage Sync does not correctly propagate the rename of large folders in the cloud.

  • Skipped files report shows files with the name .smbdelete: Addressed an issue where the synchronizer service recorded temporary and transient files created by Mac applications in its internal databases for uploads. 

  • Username change on CFS results in files not getting synced to the cloud:  Enhanced the synchronizer service to identify username changes in the cloud and make appropriate adjustments when syncing files changed by these users.

  • Synchronization fails to the cloud Identified and fixed an issue where a large number of events did not get synchronized to the cloud.

  • Storage Sync services failed to start: Identified and addressed a service start-up issue to make Storage Sync more resilient in starting up and shutting down the synchronization service.

  • The incorrect network interface on Storage Sync: Fixed an issue with an unrelated service creating a network interface inside the Storage Sync VM.

  • Active Directory Join fails after 30 secondsIdentified and addressed a scenario where Active Directory does not respond to a request to bind the Storage Sync device in a timely manner.


How to upgrade: 

For a new Storage Sync deployment: Download the relevant image from Storage Sync Installers

For upgrading from Storage Sync 11.x: Follow the disk migration instructions.

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