We've made some improvements with the latest version of Smart Cache (FKA Turbo) based on your feedback and can't wait for you to check them out. 

Smart Cache and the Future of Hybrid

Value Proposition for Smart Cache

Smart Cache is the next big evolution of Egnyte’s Smart Cache (FKA Turbo) technology that automatically caches only the most relevant content to the end-users on-premise. Smart Cache caches the most frequently accessed files to local storage for faster access. Additionally, Smart Cache also optimizes storage utilization by identifying files that have not been accessed over a period of time and proactively purges such content from the local storage. The purged files continue to exist on Egnyte cloud. This technology ensures improvement in utilization of local storage and reducing the overall local storage footprint. 


Benefits of Smart Cache

Smart Cache provides an attractive plug-and-play deployment for system administrators who plan to deploy Turbo devices at multiple office locations. Smart Cache can be deployed with a specific amount of storage space and the technology intelligently utilizes the storage cache over time. Since the system administrator does not have to periodically review the folders that have been configured for synchronization, it significantly reduces the time and complexity required to manage Turbo devices at multiple office locations. Also, system administrators have the option to pin certain folders to the Turbo device if the need arises to permanently cache some folders on the device. 

Smart Cache technology combined with Egnyte Desktop App’s ability to intelligently attach to the closest Turbo device or the cloud, provides both users and system administrators with an adaptive mechanism to provide the most efficient path to store and access files on Egnyte. With the exponential growth of files and data storage needs, Smart Cache is a necessary requirement for every system administrator in the future.


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