Egnyte Protect requires additional permission from the Sharepoint Online administrator to detect Empty Group, Unused Group, Open Access rules, and enable Permissions Browser.  

Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable these rules on your Sharepoint Online source:

  1. Navigate to the Settings → Content Sources tab.


  2. Click on your Sharepoint Online source and click on Configure.


  3. Copy the App Id and click on the button Open Sharepoint Settings Page which opens up the setting page on a new tab.


  4. Past the App Id on the Sharepoint settings page and click on the Lookup button.


  5. Now one by one, copy and paste the App Domain, Redirect URL, and App's Permission Request values from the Egnyte Protect settings page to the Sharepoint settings page. After adding all the values click on Create.Screen_Shot_2020-06-02_at_1.50.50_PM.png
  6. Click on Trust It to provide the Egnyte Protect application additional permissions to detect Issues.Screen_Shot_2020-06-02_at_1.51.11_PM.png
  7. Now navigate back to the Egnyte Protect settings page and click on Done.


  8. You should see a confirmation message: "Configuration Completed Successfully". 

Egnyte Protect is now all set to detect these types of Issues for your Sharepoint Online source. Please make sure to enable these rules for your Sharepoint Online source.