Introduction to Issue

WebUI will ask the customer to download and install WebEdit on the first attempt to edit files via WebUI. However, sometimes the user may encounter an issue when WebUI constantly prompts this pop-up even though WebEdit is installed and running. 


WebEdit works by starting an HTTPS server on, our registered domain. → should resolve to

Basic Diagnostics

Confirm WebEdit is running

  • Check process monitor to see if WebEdit is running. On windows, WebEdit has a systray icon - please hover over it, and the icon should not disappear.
  • Check WebEdit from another browser.
  • Type in - there should be a JSON document displayed with version info.
  •  If the process is running, please check if port 9404 is open (if it is not, restart the app and make sure no other process is using this port)


lsof -nP -iTCP:9404 | grep LISTEN


netstat -an



DNS Resolution Error

  • If you are using your own DNS server, WebEdit may not properly work if doesn't have a proper DNS configuration. 
  • To check DNS lookup, please type in cmd.exe (Windows) or use Terminal (macOS):
Non-authoritative answer:

If the name is not properly resolving to, you can either:

  1. Set a public DNS server for this machine, like (Cloudflare) or (Google)
  2. Add → mapping in the host's file:

Proxy / DLP Solutions


If is still not reachable although the port is open, DNS resolves properly, and there is no proxy - there may be a firewall or antivirus blocking the traffic. Please add (or to the allowed rules.


A common issue is caused by ESET web protection; these are the steps to allow WebEdit.

  1. Open ESET panel and go to Setup → Advanced setup (lower right corner)


     2. Select WEB AND EMAIL group, and Excluded IP addresses → Edit


       3. Add → type in OK/Apply all windows back to the main pane.