We’ve made some changes, improvements and fixes to the Desktop Mac App. 

  • Shortcut keys to access Desktop App search: Shortcut keys CMD+Shift+Space to access search in Desktop App.


  • File locking improvements: Improvement in the stability and reliability of locking mechanism for collaborative editing.

Additional fixes

In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains: 

  • Fix for an issue where atmp folders are not visible in Finder
  • Fix for an issue that the recent update of Adobe Illustrator file erases all previous comments on the file

Known Issues/Limitations

The update has the below known issue which will be addressed in 3.9.0 version:

  • Renaming to change the case of a filename will not be supported in Catalina OS
  • If shortcut keys CMD+Shift+Space is used by another application, then this shortcut won't work to access Desktop App search

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