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Web UI (April 22, 2020)


We've made some small changes to improve your experience on the Web UI and can't wait for you to check them out.

  • [BETA] Refreshed link summary report: We are glad to announce a completely new link summary report. Our goal was to make links management easier and more efficient, that is why we have added some improvements: 

    • Extended view of all domain links with "last accessed" column

    • The ability to filter links by path, status, and creator

    • The ability to view active and expired links

    • The ability to bulk delete links from more than one page 

    • Added thumbnails for easier differentiation

    • The ability to view link details including extending expired links 

    • Export all or selected. 




The refreshed link summary is currently in the BETA phase with limited availability. Please contact our support to enable the feature for the domain. 

  • [BETA] Device Dashboard for Smart Cache (FKA Turbo) : For each company, it is crucial to make sure that all devices stay healthy and up to date. However, if there are any issues, the time to solve problems is essential. To make troubleshooting more efficient and easier, we are releasing a completely new device dashboard for Turbo that will smartly allow managing Turbo devices. With the new page we are introducing:

    • The ability to get information about device status: seeing errors such as "Out of Disk Space" as well as "Device Maintenance" notifications on the device details page

    • The ability to easily see current disk usage

    • The ability to get information about the number of users connected to Turbo

    • Improvements of how we present the list of folders for sync




The device dashboard for Turbo is currently in the BETA phase with limited availability. Please contact our support to enable the feature for the domain. 

  • Do not include empty folders in trash purge email calculations when retention is on: To not send false alarms, if retention is enabled for a domain, then empty folders (without files, folders can be present) will not be counted in trash purge notification.
  • WebUI not honoring the set timeout: Solved an issue where inactive users weren't automatically logged out after exceeding a default timeout.


In addition to the above improvement, the update also contains: 

  • Metadata (settings) minor improvements 
  • Personal and Storage devices columns improvements 
  • Upload link email notification improvements 
  • Items selection in search improvements 
  • Minor improvements to preview-only links 

The changes will be available to all users on April 24, 2020.