GA Release Date: March 27, 2020

Storage Sync 12.0 is available for new Storage Sync deployments.


Storage Sync 12.0 is the latest version added to the Egnyte Hybrid device product suite.  Storage Sync continues to provide quick access to files that are synced to the cloud.  With the new version, though, it has improved security and added a better connectivity experience.  The underlying platform operating system has been updated, and along with it, the samba version has been enhanced.  With the new changes, admins can expect Storage Sync to maintain the latest security fixes and provide users with a robust connection. 

Storage Sync 12.0 runs on a different OS and cannot be automatically upgraded from Storage Sync 11.x. 

Additionally, we’ve made some improvements based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out:

  • File overwrite consistency with the cloud: File moves in the cloud should appropriately match its version in the cloud against the file on the Storage Sync device.
  • Enhanced security: Additional security hardening features have been added.
  • Sync optimizations: Sync improvements and optimizations have been added to this release.
  • Support for Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V

How To Install

  • Download the OVA or ZIP for Storage Sync 12.0
  • Deploy the vm in ESXi or Hyper-V Manager
  • Configure the device via the Storage Sync UI

How To Upgrade

  • There is no path to upgrade to 12.0 from 11.x versions automatically.  

How To Migrate from Storage Sync 11.x

To migrate from Storage Sync versions 11.x:

  1. Download the Storage Sync 12.0 OVA from the helpdesk
  2. Perform a sync on 11.x VM to ensure data on disk is up to date
  3. Turn off the VM
  4. If possible, take a VM snapshot of the production VM to ensure we have a backup copy of the data disk [optional]
  5. Migrate data disk(s) to newly deployed 12.0 VM
  6. Turn on the 12.0 VM and follow installation steps on UI.


For any other upgrade-specific questions regarding Storage Sync, please contact Egnyte Support