We've made some exciting changes to the Desktop App and can't wait for you to check them out. 

  • Conflict issue fix for the same users: Fix for an issue where conflict was incorrectly created for the same users.  

  • Fix for older version promotion: Fix for an issue where an older version of a file was promoted to the current version.

  • Fix for Microstation and snagIT issues:  Added additional fix for an issue where the Desktop App reports "Incomplete files" error on saving for MicroStation and snagIT applications because there is a discrepancy between the declared size and the actual payload committed.

  • Digital Guardian freeze fix:  Fix for a rare issue where Egnyte Connect froze and crashed due to a compatibility issue with 3rd party Digital Guardian agent.

  • Popover Message fix:  Fix for a rare issue where Egnyte Connect's popover message randomly appeared on the Desktop.


Upgrade to the latest version today.