If you still have questions about the Role-based Access feature, check out the frequently asked questions below.


Can a User have multiple roles at the same time? 

No, a user can only have one role assigned to them at a time.


What role is assigned to my users if I don’t create a role by myself?

Egnyte Protect has two built-in roles, Admin and Basic User, which cannot be deleted. All Protect users are assigned the Basic Admin role unless specified otherwise.


What kind of access does an Admin role have?

A user with the Admin role has full access to Protect. They can see all issues and sensitive content in an unredacted form and can change all Protect settings.


Why can’t I change the settings for the Admin and Basic User role?

Admin and Basic User roles are built-in roles are set by default and cannot be edited or deleted. You can create a new role with the desired access level and assign it to your users.