We've made some exciting changes to the Desktop App and can't wait for you to check them out. 

  • Reduce sync footprint: When syncing a folder for offline access, you can now exclude its subfolders from syncing. As part of this feature, there will also be a new icon for partially synced folders. To exclude a folder from sync, unselect the "Sync for offline access" option from your right-click menu. 

  • Set bandwidth limit on sync traffic: You will now have the option to throttle sync bandwidth used to update offline folders. This is particularly useful in cases where you want to reduce the bandwidth used to keep offline folders in sync with the cloud, i.e., on expensive connections or cases where there are other apps temporarily competing for bandwidth.

  • Copy direct link in the Desktop App: Egnyte direct links will bring you directly to a file or folder in the Web UI if you already have the proper permissions to those folders. From the right-click menu, you can now create direct links to files/folders from the Desktop App. 

  • Change data storage location: You can now specify where sync content will be stored at installation. For admins, you can also set this location during mass deployment. This is very useful if your disk is partitioned into multiple drives, i.e., C:\ for system and D:\ for data. Admins can also mass configure this location via a msi flag.

  • Localization support: If enabled, users can change the default displaying language. 3.7.0 has support for the following languages: German, Polish, Russian, Turkish, and Chinese (Simplified).

  • Improved progress indicator to include sync download traffic: You can now track sync progress from the progress indicator. This is very useful for tracking the progress of large data sync. 

  • Fix for a rare issue where sync for offline access would not work on a newly created folder.

  • Fix for an intermittent saving issue with where .dwg files disappear from listing due to AutoCAD changing the casing of file name while saving.

  • Fix for a rare issue where offline folders have temporarily disappeared from listing because the Desktop App timeout while waiting for server events. This issue is more likely to occur on smaller domains with less sync traffic.

Known Limitations

  • When excluding subfolders from sync, please be aware of the following limitations:
    • Renaming an excluded folder or any of its parent folders is only allowed when connected to the internet.
    • Excluded folders can't be moved to different folders on the Desktop App. The Web UI can be used as an alternative. 

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