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Want to make an impact on Egnyte’s products? 

Influence what Egnyte does next to improve our product. Add your name to the list, and you may be chosen to participate in a user study session where you will: 

  • Be the first to explore new features and Betas
  • Provide valuable feedback and insights 
  • Influence the way millions of users collaborate with Egnyte

 Sign Up Now! 

All information you provide will be used solely for research purposes.

What are Egnyte User Studies?

They are a chance for you to give feedback on Egnyte, and to discover exciting new features before they are released. User studies can be completed remotely or during a meeting at one of our offices, usually 1-1 but sometimes in a group setting. You may be asked questions about Egnyte and to perform tasks on a prototype. Studies generally last 30 minutes to an hour. 

Why are Egnyte User Studies helpful?

By receiving real-time feedback from actual users, we can better understand their needs and what we can do to make Egnyte better.






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