We’ve made some changes to improve your experience on the Web UI and can’t wait for you to check them out.

  • WebUI top bar and logo improvements: We are continually looking for usability improvements when it comes to the WebUI design. After the refreshed WebUI was introduced, we have enabled the new preview. Now, we hope to unify components across different places, and we are adjusting the top bar and logo. Please find the description of the changes below:
      • We have removed the default Egnyte Connect Logo from the sidebar and hamburger menu (if no custom logo set) (Screenshot 1)
      • We have added the Egnyte logo to the top bar to all of our customers (Screenshot 2)
      • In the case of multi-domains, users will have the ability to switch between domains from the sidebar, not the top bar as before (Screenshot 3)
      • The Egnyte logo might have a slightly different background color when there is a custom color for the top bar (Screenshot 4) 
      • We have moved the domain name from the top bar to the sidebar.









  • An issue when adding a user to a folder while having a large group there: We have solved an issue when a Power User wasn't able to add another user to a folder when there was a large group already added there. 

  • An issue when trying to resend a confirmation email: We have solved an issue related to an error when trying to resend the confirmation email in case of pending email validation. The problem appeared only under specific circumstances. 

  • Shared link not working with a non-standard font: Solved an issue related to not displaying non-standard font on the file link page. 

  • Search filters disappear when selected: Solved an issue pertaining to disappearing filters on Firefox, IE, and Edge.

  • Extended support for a custom mail server: Extended the support for emails coming in over TLS 1.2. 

  • Enable search for the folder permission to use less than three letters: Improved searching for a group with two letters when assigning permissions to a folder. 

  • Improved preview of complex HTML documents: We have improved our ability to preview complex HTML files. 

Additional Information and Resources

In addition to the above improvement, the update also contains: 

  • Email templates improvements 
  • Search-related scalability improvements
  • File Link page preview improvements
  • Login page improvements 
  • File report details minor improvements 
  • SCIM 2.0 / AzureAD endpoint improvements 
  • Additional improvements to large groups limitation

The changes will be available to all users on January 30, 2020.