Web UI (January 08, 2020)

We’ve made some small changes to improve your experience on the Web UI and can’t wait for you to check them out. 

  • Searching multiple metadata sections in Web UI: It is now possible to specify search criteria for multiple metadata sections so that search results will be displayed when all (logical "AND") of the criteria are met:  1.png
  • A new preview for Web UI (limited availability): Continuing our Web UI Refresh efforts, we have a refreshed preview (limited availability). When a file is being reviewed, it is possible to collapse comments and tasks. To request the feature to be turned on for your domain, please, contact Egnyte Support.




  • Fixed issue with the current user shown in the Trash search filter:  An issue when the current user name was shown in the search filter in the Trash instead of the name of a specified user, has been fixed


  • Rectified Web UI problem with long group names: A situation when a long group name or a long list of groups was overlapping with the "Save" button in Web UI dialog (to add a user to multiple groups), has been resolved


  • Resolved a problem with System Actions not included in Saved & Scheduled User Provisioning Audit Reports: A problem when "System Actions" were not actually included in Saved & Scheduled User Provisioning Audit Reports has been resolved.



In addition to the above improvement, the update also contains: 

  • Web UI Refresh improvements
  • Refined error message when restoring a file from Trash
  • Fixed group synchronization error for Okta (via SCIM 2.0)
  • Refined file size display in Web UI

The changes will be available to all users on January 10, 2020. Don't forget to comment on these changes in the Community.

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