We’ve made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out.

  • Users without Egnyte accounts can create records: From now on, users without Egnyte accounts can create (but not edit) new records. When a user doesn't have access to Egnyte, record folders are not created in Egnyte until an administrator runs the relevant Bulk Action.

  • Support for three-level folder hierarchies: Up until now, Egnyte integration supported two-level hierarchies when using default folder paths: if there was an object that was a parent of another object, the child's Egnyte folder was created inside the parent's folder. From this release onwards, we also support three-level hierarchies. For instance, if in Egnyte Sync Configuration you mark Account to be the parent of Contact, and Contact to be the parent of Case, and if you use default folder paths, Case folders will be created with the following path:
    Shared/Salesforce.com/Accounts/Account_Name/Contacts/Contact_Name/Cases/Case_Name doesn't exist already. 

Escalations and Key Issues Addressed

  • Update to Community Type Folders: In Folder Templates, the "Community type folder" checkbox set correct permissions for Community Users 
  • Update to Merge Record in Salesforce: Errors happening while merging records have been removed.