We’ve made some exciting changes to the Desktop App and can’t wait for you to check them out.

  • Improved progress indicators for files that are uploading: When looking at the Home view in the Desktop App, you can now see an individual progress indicator for each file that is currently being uploaded. You’ll also see the total size of all pending uploads in the status bar at the bottom of the app. 


  • Go offline: Users will have the option to manually disable sync and go offline to prevent the use of heavy network traffic. This is particularly useful in cases where users want to avoid using bandwidth, i.e., on expensive connections or cases where there are other apps temporarily competing for bandwidth. While offline, only folders synchronized for offline access will be visible.



  • File locking fix: Fix to ensure Egnyte file locking works consistently with VectorWorks files (.vwx files)

  • Photoshop saving error fix: Fix for an issue where users would see a “file of the same name already exists” saving error and cannot save a Photoshop file using “Save in Background” feature in Adobe Photoshop 2020. 

  • Offline sync fix: Fix for a rare issue where sync for offline access would not work on a newly created folder.

  • File locking fix: Fix to prevent Desktop App from incorrectly locking office files on browsing through folders on Finder. 

  • Filesystem filter removed: Remove an old filesystem name filter to allow file with “.##” in file name to be uploaded via the Desktop App.

  • Offline folder corruption fix: Fix for a rare issue where pdf files only get corrupted in offline folders.


Upgrade to the latest version today.