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WebUI (December 18, 2019)


We’ve made some small changes to improve your experience on the Web UI and can’t wait for you to check them out.

  • Users' profile extended with a link to email preferences: From now on, there is an easier way to manage email preferences, simply by clicking a link in a user profile.  


  • Role to manage metadata sections: Now, there is the ability to delegate the right to create, edit, and delete metadata sections. It can be done by assigning a proper role to a user so that only this section will be available. You can now, for example, give a role to the Head of Marketing (who is a Power User) to come up with a definition of a metadata section for marketing assets.

  • The user search list has a grey background on hover in settings: Fixed a minor problem related to a wrong hover state when searching a user from the settings panel.
  • Public link preview not showing on IE browser: Fixed an issue related to not working preview for public links on the IE browser.


In addition to the above improvement, the update also contains: 

  • Minor registration improvements
  • Listing groups improvements (1.0/groups, Public API -> SCIM1 (v2/groups), Public API -> SCIM2 (scim/v2))
  • Improved metadata section with "New" tag, "promo" banner and new helpdesk link

The changes will be available to all users on December 20, 2019.