We've made some improvements with the latest version of the Desktop App. 

  • Improved progress indicators for files that are uploading: When looking at the Home view in the Desktop App, you can now see an individual progress indicator for each file that is currently being uploaded. You’ll also see the total size of all pending uploads in the status bar at the bottom of the app.


  • Disable sync and go offline: Users will have the option to manually disable sync and go offline to prevent the use of any network traffic. This is particularly useful in cases where users want to avoid using bandwidth i.e. on expensive connections or cases where there are other apps temporarily competing for bandwidth. While offline, only folders synchronized for offline access will be visible.


  • Ignore and move skipped files to Desktop: Skipped files are files that are prevented from uploading through the Desktop App. You will now have the option to cancel these uploads and move them to the Desktop from the skipped files screen.


Key Issues Addressed

  • A fix has been implemented to ensure sync service will check network status for all connected drives.
  • Added fix to treat certain Navisworks extensions as temporary files.
  • Fix to accommodate Word’s behavior with “Print to PDF” action and prevent the Desktop App from showing incorrect OS warnings.
  • Fix to allow the Desktop App to handle Adobe InDesign’s reads past the end of the file. 

Update the Desktop App to take advantage of the newest changes.