Web UI (November 20, 2019)

We’ve made some small changes to improve your experience on the Web UI. 

  • Incorrect messaging when unable to create a preview-only link: We improved the messaging for files that can't be shared as preview-only links. Currently, when the user selects a file that exceeds the maximum size, we will display a message: "filename.ext is too big to create preview-only link." The following rules apply:
    • > 1 MB for text files
    • > 100 MB for documents (like pdf, pptx, doc) and images

  • Show missing sort options in the folder link page: We solved an issue related to not showing sort options in the folder link page. It's once again possible to sort folders and files by name, date, and size in ascending and descending order.


  • Saving private folder quota feature caused an error: We fixed an issue related to being able to search for groups in the private folder quota settings and save them. Currently, Administrators are only allowed to choose specific users to exceed the quota. 



In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains:

  • Minor search improvements
  • Minor folder permissions modal improvements 
  • Minor top bar translation improvements
  • Minor e-mail template improvements

The changes will be available to all users on November 21, 2019. Don't forget to comment on these changes in the Community.

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Egnyte Community

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