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Web UI (November 13, 2019)


We’ve made some small changes to improve your experience on the Web UI.  

  • (Limited availability) Refreshed WebUI: We will be releasing a refreshed Web interface to all of our customers soon! You can expect many improvements with this release, but we've highlighted a few below:
    • A cleaner, more user-friendly UI with several user experience changes that should allow you to be more efficient in your work
    • Additional enhancements for end-users (e.g., colors for avatars, date range picker for search, and more)
    • New icons and fonts which are consistent with the Protect platform 

Our team is working hard to enable the new style for all customers in December. We've already started our BETA phase, and if you are willing to try it now, please let us know using this link.

Refreshed Web UI:


Refreshed "Share Link" window:


Refreshed "Folder Permissions" window:


  • "Share link" e-mail not displayed correctly: When a user shared a link through an e-mail with a custom message containing new lines, the e-mail wasn't displayed correctly at the receiving end. The problem has been resolved.


In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains:

  • Minor improvements to Custom Metadata

The changes will be available to all users on November 14, 2019.