We’ve made some improvements to the Egnyte iOS app. 

  • "Go to" folder link added: After copying the content of a folder to another one, you can go directly to the new folder. In the message confirming that the content has been copied, the user will see a "go to" folder button.
  • Fixed auto-capitalization error: When Auto capitalization was turned on while commenting on the files in Egnyte, the application made every character a capital letter.

  • Unable to download .NWD files: When accessing .NWD files through the native BIM 360 Glue app, they would intermittently not download. The download would be stuck at 0% and would not download no matter how much time had passed. This issue only happened on devices running on iOS 13 but has been resolved.

  • Keyboard no longer hiding search results: While performing a search action on the app, the keyboard was hiding search results, and the user was unable to remove the keyboard. This only happened on iPhone devices, but a fix was implemented to prevent this.

  • Resolved error accessing bookmarks: Some app users may have seen an error while accessing their bookmarks via the iOS device. You needed to have more than 100 Bookmarked folders to experience this.

  • Other Bug fixes: We continuously monitor our apps for bugs. This release solves general bugs and performance issues that some of you may have encountered.

We will start the rollout of the iOS app this week. By the end of this week, it should be available for all users.

If you are using iOS 13.X, we recommend that you upgrade your system to the newest version 13.2.2. This upgrade fixes a lot of connection problems as also background actions (upload, download, coming back to the app).

Download the newest version of Egnyte for iOS today.