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Egnyte has made a change to WebDAV to improve performance and scalability. This process involves removing class 2 WebDAV server capabilities (specifically the LOCK and UNLOCK WebDAV methods).

Most third-party apps that connect to Egnyte via WebDAV will be unaffected by this change as they do not make use of class 2 WebDAV server capabilities. Egnyte’s WebDAV server will continue to offer the standard file management capabilities of a class 1 WebDAV server, including: 

  • Uploading, downloading, deleting, copying, moving, and renaming files
  • Creating, deleting, copying, moving, and renaming folders 

Egnyte’s other endpoints, including the Desktop App, Mobile App, Storage Sync, Web interface, or public API, will be unaffected by this change. 

To connect to Egnyte from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, it is required to install the Desktop App. We also have a variety of third-party integrations that can connect your applications to Egnyte without the need for WebDAV.


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