We’ve made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out. 

  • Disabled Password echoing: ADKit will now prompt for a password without repeating it to the console. 

  • Group duplication: If there are groups with the same name in Active Directory due to a global catalog, ADKit can try to handle them since there cannot be duplicate groups in Egnyte. This feature is behind the flag group_duplication_strategy and can accept the following values:
    • none (default): backward compatibility option, could sync duplicate groups from a child domain and overshadow the group from the parent domain.
    • skip: The duplicate group will be skipped, and only the group from "base_dn" will be synced
    • create: create a "duplicate" group in Egnyte with a "FROM (AD domain)" suffix

  • Deletion of users and groups from child domains: The allow_delete_from_child_domains flag was added to decide whether users or/and groups from Active Directory child domains should be deleted by ADKit. This flag can be set to True or False, with False being the default value. The feature behind this flag will work only if both allow_delete and allow_delete_from_child_domains are set to True

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