Egnyte's new Microsoft Flow integration will allow users to use Egnyte as a connector via Microsoft Flow. You can now connect Egnyte to over 220 applications within Microsoft and include Egnyte in your workflows in Flow. We'll walk through how to add Egnyte as a Custom Connector in Microsoft Flow.

Add Egnyte as a Custom Connector in Flow

1. Sign up for an Egnyte Connect API Key at This API Key and Secret will be used in step 5 of the setup.


2. Log into Microsoft Flow and click Data Section in Flow.


3. Click + New Custom Connector on the upper right corner and click Import an Open API File.


4. Load the JSON file that was provided to you from Egnyte (CSM or PM team).


5. Fill in the details for Egnyte Connector and click Security on the bottom right; everything else is the default.


6. Fill in the Client ID and Client Secret of your Egnyte Connect API Key.

In the Refresh URL place in this value:

Afterwards, you can move to the next screen by clicking 3. Definition.


7. Click Create connector on the top right.


8. The connector has been now created in Egnyte, and when choosing action in Microsoft Flow, you can find the Connector under Custom.