GA Release Date: August 28, 2019

We’ve made some improvements based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out. Don't forget to comment about these changes in the Community.

  • File user update info enhancement: 11.4.1 captures "user update information" on files during rescan syncs. Previously, a rescan sync added the "user update information" as the Storage Sync Admin.

This release handles user info for "create" and "update" actions and NOT "delete". The delete user info will be covered in a subsequent release.

  • Read and Audit Events: Storage Sync will start capturing local events based on file access, and file opens performed by users that are connected to the share.


The following issues will be addressed in this release:

  • Enabled a "Skipped file list" reset and refresh
  • Addressed an incomplete sync specifically when a device folder was renamed and files were added to the cloud at the original folder location.

How To Upgrade

Devices already on Storage Sync 11.x can use the auto-update schedule to update to 11.4.1. After the firmware has been updated to NETGEAR ReadyNAS firmware 6.10.1, admins can choose either to wait until the defined Update Policy window or by clicking on the update link in the Storage Sync UI to upgrade Storage Sync.  

The following upgrade paths are supported for this release:

The ReadyNAS firmware should be updated to at least 6.10 before updating to Storage Sync 11.4.1 for NETGEAR!

  • Version 11.0.x → 11.4.1  
  • Version 11.1.x → 11.4.1 
  • Version 11.2.x → 11.4.1
  • Version 11.3.x → 11.4.1

New Installations

New installs need a ReadyNAS OS firmware of at least 6.10 in order to install Storage Sync.


For any other upgrade specific questions regarding Storage Sync, please contact Egnyte Support