We've made some improvements with the latest version of the Desktop App. 

  • Search and Recents: You can now search for content and see recent and recommended files in the Desktop App menu for easier access to your data.


  • Hidden files: We added support for hidden files to ensure they're appropriately shown based on the 'Hidden items' checkbox in Windows Explorer.


  • Google Docs: You can now open Google Docs in Egnyte using the Desktop App.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • The Desktop App can detect conflicts in cases where a file is overwritten after it is closed but before it is fully uploaded.
  • Fix for a case where files inside folders synchronized for offline access would appear as folders in Windows Explorer.
  • Fix to ensure that clients correctly start up and update when upgrade notifications are turned on, and the client is left on for a long time before it is restarted.
  • Fix to ensure that users on a shared machine can add drives using SSO when there are multiple active user sessions on the machine.
  • Fix to ensure that all activity inside synchronized folders is correctly attributed to the Desktop App instead of 'SYSTEM' as an action source.
  • Fix to free up disk space from the log folder in cases where the option to Contact Support fails to upload logs.

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