We've made some improvements with the latest version of the Desktop App. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the Egnyte Community.

  • Improved single sign-on experience when using mass deployment: When drives are added through the command-line tool or during mass deployment, users no longer see the "Your Drive is Connected" screen to provide a smoother login experience.

  • Additional Adobe InDesign support: We made an improvement to recognize a new temporary file format used by Adobe InDesign to reduce unnecessary bandwidth usage. This improvement also fixed cases where files would not save correctly due to the Adobe change.

Other Changes

  • We resolved an issue where the "date modified" time on files or folders would show as a time that was far into the future.
  • An issue causing deleted files to reappear in the drive was fixed.
  • There was a rare issue where files were skipped with an "insufficient permissions" error despite the user having sufficient permissions to sync the files. This version of the Desktop App remedied the problem.

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