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Web UI (July 3, 2019)


We’ve made some exciting changes to improve your experience on the Web UI. 

  • Define a "soft storage quota" for Private folders (Beta): We've seen more and more of our customers struggle to manage the growth of their data, especially when it comes to Private folders. To help, we're adding the ability to define a soft storage quota for Private folders. 


    Combining the feature with the Private Folder Size Report gives Admins the opportunity to have a comprehensive overview of Private folders. With the soft storage quota:
    • Administrators can define a quota for all Private folders
    • Administrators can receive weekly e-mail notifications with 15 of the largest Private folders exceeding the limit (with an ability to run the whole report)


    • Users will receive a daily notification when entering a Private folder that's over the defined storage quota


Since we send the daily notification, Administrators do not have to contact each user personally but only those who might not reduce the size of their Private folders from unused and non-work related files.

The feature is currently opened for BETA and will be available to everyone at the end of the month. Please contact Support or your Customer Success Manager to turn the feature on for your domain. We'd love to get your feedback!

Further improvements include an ability to specify users who shouldn't be taken into account for soft storage quota limits.

  • More control over maximum file size and total amount of uploaded data for Upload Links: It's now possible to request a change to the maximum size of an uploaded file or the total limit of data volume uploaded via an Upload Link. Please contact Egnyte Support if you want to change these default settings for your domain.

  • Additional "ManagedByAdkit" column in exported and imported user lists (Beta): When the feature is enabled (upon request to Egnyte Support):
    • An additional column "ManagedByAdkit" is displayed in the list of exported users
    • The value in the "ManagedByAdkit" column is respected during users' import
    • The default value in the new column is "yes" for all users without creation source and with creation source "AD_KIT", and "no" for others
    • Import users from a .csv file without "ManagedByAdkit" column does not change the parameter for users
    • If a user is created via WEBUI, but has the "ManagedByAdkit" value set to "yes", the user can be modified by ADKit
    • If a user is created by AD_KIT and has "ManagedByAdkit" set to "yes", the user parameters can be modified by ADKit
    • If a user is created by AD_KIT, but has "ManagedByAdkit" set to "no", the user parameters can NOT be modified by ADKit

      The feature is currently open for BETA and will be generally available later to all the customers.

  • Resolved issue with Two-Step Login Verification (TSLV) enrollment popup not showing when users were connecting from "Trusted Networks": A situation when users enrolled with TSLV did not see the enrollment popup when connecting from "Trusted networks", has been fixed. Upon successful enrollment, the users logging in from "Trusted Networks" will be able to authenticate without the second step. 


In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains:

  • Two-Step Login Verification improvements