We've made some improvements with the latest version of the Desktop App. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the Egnyte Community.

  • Improved single sign-on experience when using mass deployment: When drives are added through the command-line tool or during mass deployment, users no longer see the 'Your Drive is Connected' screen to provide a smoother login experience.
  • Path format for Windows sidebar shortcut: The path format for the Windows sidebar shortcut now uses the drive letter instead of the UNC path. This resolves a third party limitation with accessing MS office content from the sidebar when the user is offline and makes paths consistent when accessing content from the sidebar shortcut or the drive letter.

Other Changes

  • We resolved an issue where users would see crashes with MS Office applications on some Windows 7 machines.
  • We resolved an issue where users would not be able to open locked files with certain applications, like Adobe Acrobat Reader, despite the applications only requiring read access to open the file.
  • We implemented a fix to prevent a rare case of extremely high CPU usage (up to 80%) by the EgnyteDrive.exe process.

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