We've made some exciting changes in Protect and can't wait for you to check them out. Don't forget to comment about these improvements in the Community.

  • Built-in authentication: Users originating from user directories other than Egnyte Connect, like Active Directory and OneDrive for Business, can now be invited to Protect. Such users are sent an invitation email that allows them to set a password maintained within Egnyte Protect. Egnyte Connect users continue to log in via Egnyte Connect SSO.

  • CIFS support: We now support generic CIFS sources! This allows any Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, such as NetApp, NETGEAR, etc., to be added as sources straight from the UI. A Site Connector must be deployed within the network where the NAS resides, but no agent needs to be installed on the NAS.

    Classification and Subject Access Requests are fully supported. However, only Open Access and Malformed Permission rules run on CIFS sources.

  • Add Site Connector and on-prem sources via the UI: Buttons to add Site Connectors and on-prem sources are now present in UI. Explanations for adding Site Connectors and on-prem sources, along with download links for related binaries, now show in the UI.

  • New look for weekly summary emails: We've improved the visual template for weekly summary emails.

  • Bulk commenting: Actions taken in bulk (issue ignoring, sensitive content remediation, etc.) can now have an action comment added. This comment will show with the audit entry for each action taken as part of the bulk action.

  • New login page: The new login page supports logging into more than one tenant if you have an account in several tenants.