Procore Integration (Beta)

Egnyte has built a new integration with Procore. You are able to sync an Egnyte folder to a Procore Project. The first feature we have completed is a sync between Egnyte and the Projects Documents.


  • Keep your documents in sync between Procore and Egnyte
  • Have a single source of truth
  • Transfer Project template folders from one platform to the other


1. Please contact CSM or fill out THIS FORM to be part of the beta program

2. Once enabled Egnyte Procore Integration is available on App & Integrations page within Egnyte 


3. Enable the integration (This is only available to Admins)



How it works

  • This integration syncs an Egnyte Folder to a Procore Project Documents section
  • This integration is initiated on Egnyte by selecting which folder you would like to Sync in 2 different ways for an Admin account that has the Procore integration turned on.
    • In the folder that you would like to Sync click on "More" and the Procore Project Sync buttonScreen_Shot_2019-05-31_at_1.53.00_PM.png
    • Right Click the folder that you would like to sync and just the Procore Project Sync button


  • Add a Procore Service Account to the Egnyte integration. This service account needs to have full access to to the Project that you are trying to sync within ProcoreScreen_Shot_2019-05-31_at_4.09.34_PM.png
  • Instruction to create or retrieve your Procore Service account can be found HERE
    • Make sure Service Account has correct Admin permissions in Procore. This can be found in the under the account name in Directory.Screen_Shot_2019-06-04_at_1.14.45_PM.png
  • Once you have selected a service account a list will appear that will show the available projects that you will be able to sync the Egnyte Folder to. Note: Only one project can be assigned to one ProjectScreen_Shot_2019-06-04_at_1.09.39_PM.png
  • Next you can verify settings for the sync and select 2-way sync. You can always go back to this menu to turn of sync for a particular folderScreen_Shot_2019-06-04_at_1.09.51_PM.png
  • Sync has now been set up correctly and will run automatically in the background
  • To check Sync status and current list of your syncs an Admin can always select from the More button "List of Synced Procore Projects"Screen_Shot_2019-06-04_at_1.27.04_PM.png



  • Folder and files with unsupported Character Types in Egnyte will not be synced between the two systems
  • Procore projects and Egnyte folders can only be synced to one folder
  • Subfolders of a Folder that is synced can't be synced to another Project
  • 10,000 file limit for syncing
  • Last Activity on List of Synced Procre Projects is not active yet
  • Currently sync between the two platforms happens every hour
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