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Do you have a project that needs to be reviewed by the end of the week? Stay on track by assigning a task. Tasks can be assigned to any other Egnyte user with permission for that file. Both users (assignor and assignee) will receive notifications in the Web UI as well as e-mail updates regarding due dates and key actions that have been performed for the task (e.g., completing, declining, re-opening). 

Create a Task

To create a new task, follow the steps below 

  1. Open the file, select Tasks from the upper right menu, and click New Task.


  2. Create a name for the task, choose who you'd like to assign it to, and give it a due date. Click Create task once all the information has been entered.

  3. Once the task has been resolved, you'll receive a notification so you don't have to keep checking in.


To edit a task, navigate to My Tasks, select the Assigned by me tab, and click Edit to make the necessary changes.

Respond to a Task

If you've been assigned a task, you can mark the task as complete or decline it.

To respond to a task:

  1. Click My Tasks along the top of the page.


  2. From the Assigned to me tab, select the Resolve drop-down next to your task and select Complete or Decline.


Egnyte Tasks API

In case you need to work with Tasks programmatically, you can always use Egnyte Tasks API.