What languages are currently supported?

Canadian French and German have been available on the Web UI since July 2017. With our September 2019 release, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Turkish are now available for the Web UI. 

Can I get French in the language pack?

Egnyte only has Canadian French, not European French for now. In your request, please make it clear that Canadian French is acceptable. Otherwise, support will let you know we do not have European French available and confirm whether Canadian French is acceptable.

How do I get the language pack enabled on my domain?

File a Support ticket requesting this Beta feature is activated for your domain, but ensure that your request states that you're okay with the limitations, as listed below.

Can you turn on the language pack for Web UI, emails, mobile, etc.?

We only have the language pack available for the Web UI, and only in the main user-facing areas (i.e., not the Admin settings or billing pages), none of the clients (mobile, desktop), and none of the Egnyte generated emails. Our goal is to expand the language pack coverage to all parts of the Web UI, emails, and clients in the future.

When will the language pack be out of "Beta"?

The language pack is in Beta because we have not expanded coverage to all parts of the product. Once we have completed translation for all Web UI menus, emails, and clients, the language pack will be out of Beta. However, the areas where there are translations were professionally done and would be considered "released" for purposes of usability by users.