We’ve made some upgrades to Turbo and hope you check them out. Don't forget to comment about these changes in the Community.   

  • Factory and configuration reset changes: We removed the Factory Reset option from the Turbo Admin console and moved it to the root console. This will restrict the operation to advanced or Support users only. We also improved the accuracy of the factory reset operation to clean up the entire configuration state.

  • Improved upgrade process: We streamlined the Turbo upgrade process to prevent race conditions between the VM upgrade and Breeze/Turbo upgrade operations.

  • Permissions fix: Addressed a permissions issue where Turbo allowed users with "Full" permissions to move or rename a Fixed folder.

  • UI issue improvement: Resolved a UI issue on the Welcome screen which displayed an IP address of when users performed a configuration reset for the Turbo device.

  • Disk re-size process changes: When the data disk cannot be added to the Turbo device, we'll now show the appropriate notification and perform a disk re-size.

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