Storage Sync 11.3.6 for VMware and Hyper-V (May 19, 2019)

Enhancements and Key Issues Addressed

11.3.6 includes the following enhancements and issues addressed: 

  • A resolution to services failing to start due to a disk provisioning timeout
  • A fix to an AD join over LDAPS configuration reset following a reboot
  • A fix to services failing to restart during process monitoring failure

How To Upgrade

From Storage Sync version 11.1.3, 11.1.4, 11.1.5, 11.2.x, 11.3.0:

  • Orchestrator will automatically update the Storage Sync packages
  • If the manual upgrade is set for Storage Sync, please access the Storage Sync UI to perform the upgrade.

From Storage Sync version 11.1.1: 

  • SSH to the device as egnyteservice and switch users via sudo.
  • Execute the command "yum upgrade orchestrator" 
  • This will upgrade Storage Sync orchestrator, which will then perform the upgrade to 11.3.6
  • If you have enabled Manual Upgrade for Storage Sync, please access the Storage Sync UI to perform the upgrade.

Run "yum" only in this particular case (from 11.1.1)!

From Storage Sync versions 11.0.x and 10.3.3:

  • Download the Storage Sync 11.3.6 OVA from the helpdesk
  • Perform a sync on 10.x or 11.0 VM to ensure data on disk is up to date
  • Turn off the VM
  • If possible, take a VM snapshot of the production VM to ensure we have a backup copy of data disk [optional]
  • Migrate data disk(s) to newly deployed 11.3.6 VM
  • Turn on the 11.3.6 VM and follow installation steps on UI


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