We’ve made some exciting changes to improve your experience on the Web UI. Don't forget to comment about these changes on the Community Website.

  • User and Groups Permissions Report: We've improved the User Permissions Report - making it faster to load and to find specific users. We also enhanced the user experience by clarifying some possible points of confusion (e.g., when a group is selected, explaining that permissions explicitly assigned to this group will be shown, not permissions assigned to the members of the group).




In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains:

  • Fixed an issue when a preview-only link with the option of "always showing the most recent version" was not always showing the most recent version.
  • Egnyte API call to delete a file or a folder by ID now returns "parent_folder_path" parameter in response.

These improvements should be available for all users by May 30, 2019.