We’ve made some changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out. Don't forget to comment about these changes in the Community.

With this release, we solved and improved the upload issues you reported to us some time ago.

  • Increased file uploads: There was an issue with previous versions of the app that would cause it to crash if users tried to upload more than 100 files at once. Users can now upload up to 1000 through the Egnyte mobile app.

  • Improved upload times: We've reduced the time needed for upload preparation time by 50%. We'll continue to work on reducing this time to make uploads even faster in the future.

  • Fixed problems with large files: We solved an issue where files greater than 1GB could take a long time to upload and in some cases, users were unable to upload such large files via the mobile app. Now, you can upload files up to 2 GB.
  • Other bug fixes
    • App crash with SSO/Authentification: In some edge cases, logging in with OKTA while using custom network filtering and custom URL domain caused the app to crash.
    • Empty thumbnails: In some cases, a thumbnail was not visible after a file was uploaded.
    • Disappearing empty files: There were a few instances where tiny files would show a value of 0KB.

Within the next weeks, you can expect other app updates, which will include more upload features and improvements.

Download the newest version of Egnyte Connect for iOS today.