We’ve made some changes to improve your experience on the Web UI. Don't forget to comment about these changes on the Community Website.

  • Private Folder Size Report: Due to an outpouring of Community feedback from our users, we've added an ability to generate a private folder size report. From now on, you'll be able to quickly learn how much storage is being used in each Private Folder. The report can be found under the new Storage Reports tab, together with already existing Folder Size Report.


After generating the report, it will automatically save to the desktop. The output will be in .tsv format and file can be opened with any compatible program (e.g., Microsoft Excel). The report includes detailed info about each user (username, first name, last name, e-mail) with a private folder size.

  • Navigating to a folder path does not handle URL encodings properly: Fixed an issue related to accessing deep links with spaces for non-authenticated users.


In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains:

  • Delete/move action minor performance improvements 

These improvements should be available for all users by May 17, 2019.