Authy Two-Step Login Verification - FAQs

We’re upgrading our Two-Step Login Verification (TSLV) provider to Authy by Twilo so we can provide a more secure and modernized platform for TSLV.

Customers currently using Duo-based authentication will begin to switch on May 27th, and the process will finish before the end of June 2019. When your domain is switched to Authy, your TSLV-enabled users will have to register their phones with the Authy mobile app.

Click here to learn more about the registration process with Authy mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Egnyte choose Authy by Twilio?

  • Twilio is one of the leaders in the TSLV space
  • The Authy Mobile Authenticator App provides a privacy-focused way to enroll users
  • An improved platform for better usability
  • Multiple options for TSLV, like push notifications, SMS messages, VoiceCalls, and time-based one-time password codes, are available

Is there anything I need to do to switch my users?

No, the switch will happen automatically in the background. However, we strongly recommend notifying your users about the change, so they aren't caught by surprise. We've created a helpful email template you can use to notify your users. You can find a link at the bottom of this article.

Will I be able to continue using Duo as a Single Sign-On (SSO) Provider?

Yes, the change relates only to Two-Step Login Verification (TSLV). You can continue to use Duo as an SSO provider.

What if I want to continue using Duo for Two-Step Login Verification?

The only way is to configure Duo to be used as a Single Sign-On Provider and configure Two-Step Login Verification there. You can find more information on how to configure Duo as an SSO provider on Duo website.

We're using TSLV from a Single Sign-On (SSO) Provider (Okta, OneLogin, etc.). Will the change affect us?

No, you'll be able to continue using Two-Step Login Verification from your SSO Provider. The change relates only to TSLV provided by Egnyte.

When will my users be switched?

We’ll make the change gradually, starting on May 27th and completing the switch by June 30th, 2019. 

Will my users have to install the Authy App?

No, they don't have to install the Authy App to use SMS or VoiceCall authentication. However, we still recommend they install and register the Authy App as it's the easiest and most secure solution.

Do my users need to re-authenticate with their desktop, mobile app, or other Egnyte applications?

No! We've made it so already authenticated Egnyte desktop applications, like the Desktop App, Desktop Sync, and Egnyte mobile apps will keep their authentication tokens.

As an Admin, I'm using "Trusted Networks for Two-Step Login Verification." Will this continue to work?

Yes, it will continue to work the same way, so users will be able to enroll even when they are accessing the system from whitelisted IP address (e.g., from the office network). Upon enrollment, logins from trusted networks will not require Two-Step Login Verification.

Sometimes, I need to use the same device to authenticate more than one user profile from the same domain. Will this be possible with the Authy App?

Yes, however, you'll be required to use the SMS/VoiceCall enrollment workflow to register another user. Once enrolled, all of the users registered with the same device will be able to use all of the available authentication methods.

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