We've made some exciting changes in version 3.3 of the Desktop App. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the Egnyte Community.

  • Connected Folders: You can now use command-line options to set up Connected Folders to connect your Desktop, Documents and other libraries to folders in the cloud! Connected folders are fully supported on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac.

  • Mac Command Line Interface (CLI) for Egnyte Admins and users: The Desktop App now comes with a brand-new CLI that allows you to perform popular drives operations, like adding a new drive or configuring an existing drive as well as setting up connected folders. Get started by opening your Terminal and type in egnytecli.


Other Changes

  • Improvement to performance of previewing InDesign files with linked Photoshop assets.
  • Fix to allow KeePass .kdbx files, Adobe Premiere projects, and ChemDraw .cdx files to be properly saved.
  • Fix to prevent folder listing getting duplicated or momentarily disappearing in some scenarios when connected to Turbo.
  • Fix for an issue where some files would disappear in the listing of a previously renamed folder.
  • Fix to prevent a duplicate folder from being created after renaming the original folder.

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