We’ve made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out.

  • New Lightning Style Sheet on Visualforce Pages: Configuration on Lightning now follows the new lightning format. Here is an example of some of the new pages 

    Updated custom VF Egnyte Sync Configuration Page



    Updated custom VF Egnyte Domain Configuration Page 



    Updated custom VF Egnyte Sync Queue Page


    Updated custom VF Egnyte Users Page


  • Support Lightning Notes to Upload Files: Enhanced notes in Salesforce are now saved into Egnyte. Enhanced notes can be shared to multiple records and notes will be copied to all the records that it has been shared to. Egnyte will automatically prune versions of the note before it saves to Egnyte. Notes are saved in .txt format.


    Default notes with Title = Untitled and Body = null will not sync to Egnyte folder system.