We've made some exciting changes in version 3.3 of the Desktop App. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the Egnyte Community.

  • Connected Folders: You can now use command-line options to set up Connected Folders to connect your Desktop, Documents and other libraries to folders in the cloud! Connected folders are fully supported on Windows 10. Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac support are expected in May 2019.


  • Improved single sign-on experience when adding multiple drives: When adding two or more drives to the same domain and using single sign-on, you only need to go through the login flow once.

Other Changes

  • Improvements to make behavior when opening files locked by other users more in line with traditional network drives.
  • Fix for blue screen errors caused by the Desktop App.
  • Fix to prevent an error where offline sync is unavailable.
  • Fix to show the correct 'date modified’ time for files (can also cause links to cross-referenced files becoming invalid in some applications like Adobe InDesign).
  • Fix to prevent the EgnyteClient process from crashing when loading thumbnails in the ‘Recently Uploaded View.’
  • Fix to prevent links to newly added files appearing as broken in some applications like AutoCAD.

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