Egnyte's been working hard enhancing the hybrid solution with exciting new features that provide next-generation capabilities. Those features require server-grade systems with higher horsepower, better stability, and scalability parameters all while simplifying the IT management of these applications.

This article is intended to help new and existing customers choose a NAS device for their remote locations that can keep up with all of Egnyte’s improvements

Hardware and Software Requirements

Our goal is to simplify the deployment and management process of our hybrid offerings for our customers. All the future capabilities will be delivered on Virtual Machines hosted on Windows Hyper-V and VMware platforms.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel Xeon Processor or newer enterprise-class Intel CPU
  • 16GB RAM or more

Hypervisor Requirements:

  • Windows Hyper-V - Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2012 R2
  • VMware - Select a host platform that's officially certified by VMware to run VMware ESXi hypervisor

Virtual Machine Requirements:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recommend specific NAS platforms for my remote office?

Many hardware vendors offer a wide range of server-class systems that meet the requirements for our hybrid solution.

These offerings are a reference guide to help to make your buying decisions, and as such we do not recommend a specific NAS vendor.

For customers who are looking for standard off-the-shelf server options:

For customers who are looking for small form-factor NAS:

For more adventurous customers that want to build their own NAS configuration:

These offerings might get outdated, and the hardware vendor might refresh these offerings with newer generations

Will you provide future Egnyte software version on NETGEAR ReadyNAS?

The newer hybrid capabilities require much higher system resources and software support for the latest technologies than the current NETGEAR ReadyNAS platforms. Even the higher-end NETGEAR ReadyNAS platforms, such as the ReadyNAS rack-mount series, do not offer the OS capabilities, such as Docker, required to run the newer hybrid versions.

These capabilities can be satisfactorily provided only on server-class platforms with hardware and OS specifications described in the earlier section.

That said, we will continue to support Storage Sync for NETGEAR 6 customers in the foreseeable future. However, Storage Sync for NETGEAR cannot deliver all the future capabilities that we have on the roadmap.

Do you plan to support Turbo on NETGEAR ReadyNAS?

No, we do not plan to support Turbo on NETGEAR ReadyNAS primarily because of the hardware and software limitations on NETGEAR ReadyNAS. We recommend other hardware options with superior capabilities that are in the price range of a mid-range ReadyNAS device. For example, Dell PowerEdge T140 offers better hardware and software options that are superior to NETGEAR ReadyNAS 626X and is in the price range of the NETGEAR device.

Can I run Storage Sync or Turbo on other hypervisors or Mac servers?

We support Storage Sync and Turbo on certified VMware ESXi and Windows Hypervisor platforms. We currently don't have any plans to support Storage Sync or Turbo on other hypervisors.

VMware ESXi is not officially certified to be deployed on Mac OS; therefore Storage Sync or Turbo is not supported on Mac OS servers.