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Trash and Retention Policy Settings


Setting up your trash and version policies provides peace of mind that data is safe, even when versions are accidentally overwritten, or content is unintentionally deleted. Admins can determine how many versions to keep, how long trash is stored, and if users have control over their trash, all without sacrificing storage or security. 

Administrators always have access to see the entire domain's trash, while Power Users can only see their personal trash (if enabled).  

Admins can access all of the options discussed below from Settings.


File Version Policy

Trash Purge Settings

User Settings

Additional Resources

File Version Policy

The File version policy determines how many versions of a file are kept before older ones are automatically moved to trash. Users can access and "promote" them to become the current version from the Web UI.

Admins will need to consider their total storage and user workflows when deciding on the number of versions to keep.


Trash Purge Settings

It's important to empty your trash regularly to keep your storage space free. Files remain in the Trash folder for 30 days by default and can stay in the trash folder for up to 180 days. When determining how long to set the retention policy, keep in mind that once trash is purged, it cannot be restored.

Admins can enable a notification, so they have time before trash is purged to review the contents and ensure nothing has been deleted erroneously.


User Settings

Admins can decide if they want to let their users view and restore items they've deleted. Enabling this feature gives more power to the users since they will not need to ask an Administrator to restore items on their behalf.


Additional Resources

Now that you have your settings in place, learn how to delete items, restore items from trash, and how to keep the original permissions when restoring a file. 


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