We've made some exciting changes in version 3.2 of the Desktop App. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the Egnyte Community.


  • Silent upgrades no longer require Administrator privileges: The Desktop App can now keep itself up to date without needing Admin privileges as long as update notifications are turned on from the admin console. While the initial install will still require elevated privileges, further updates are installed upon restarting the machine and do not need Admin privileges.

  • Performance improvements: Performance improvements have been made in two key areas:
    • The speed of loading thumbnails in Windows Explorer has been improved and the amount of bandwidth used when generating thumbnails is significantly less.
    • The speed of loading and working with files which make use of multiple links or cross references has been significantly improved.



  • Progress indicators for files that are uploading: When looking at the Recently Uploaded view in the Web UI, you can now see an individual progress indicator for each file that is currently being uploaded.



Other Changes

  • (Windows) Fix for a rare blue screen error encountered while running the Desktop App.
  • (Mac) Fix to ensure files that are uploading to a folder that is renamed are correctly uploaded to the new path.
  • (Mac) Fix to allow overwriting files while they are being uploaded to the cloud.
  • (Mac) Fix to prevent the sync engine, for updating content that is accessible while offline, from stalling.


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