We’ve made some changes to improve your experience on the Web UI.

  • Refreshed file link page with Microsoft Office Online preview support: We've added the support for previewing shared Microsoft office files (.docx / .pttx / .xlsx). When a user with the Microsoft Office integration enabled shares an office file, the file will be opened in the Microsoft Office Online previewer. The ability has a number of advantages in displaying complex spreadsheet files and presentations as the files aren't converted to PDFs, but displayed in the original format. 

    Moreover, we've refreshed the UI for the file link page with a number of improvements, such as richer, consistent cross-browser PDF previewer (an ability to fit height, width, print). The feature will be released with limited availability and will be turned on to everyone by the end of February.


  • Speed up file upload by enabling concurrent upload: We've significantly improved the performance and speed for uploading multiple files. Users can now observe up to 4 files being uploaded concurrently. After the improvement, the time to upload files will be much shorter.

  • Improved trash search for "Deleted by": For customers who don't have infinite trash enabled, we've changed the way of "Deleted by" field searching. Instead of typing "First Name Last Name," the search now works as other searches (e.g., searching users in settings). Overall, users will notice a much faster operation to find proper results. The feature has a limitation with no possibility to search deleted and deactivated users. Improvements are on the short-term roadmap.

  • Display warning message when clicking on the external hyperlink: To improve the security of our users, we've added a message when clicking on external hyperlinks in PDF files. Whenever the user tries to open a link outside of the Egnyte domain, they'll see the error message displayed below. We've also considered domains that use an alias to not display any warning when entering URL containing an alias. The feature will be enabled for a regular preview, folder, and file link page. 


  • Uploaded time in Public API file listing response: Added "uploaded date" parameter to the Public API file listing endpoint (/pubapi/v1/fs/{path}).

  • Reports and My Profile does not load in mobile apps: Fixed an issue related to not loading "Reports" and "My profile" section in mobile apps.  


In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains:

  • Upgraded SFTP limits
  • Improvements to move/copy/delete folder long transaction
  • Improved tooltip messages for the new file link page 
  • Minor changes on purge from trash

 These improvements should be available for all users by February 15, 2019.