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Upload Link Settings


While upload links make requesting files from external users simple, some Admins may need to change the settings give provide additional control over security and storage. 

Disable Upload Links 

By default, upload links are enabled for your account. You can enable or disable upload links by heading to Settings under the Configuration tab. From the General page, scroll down to the Sharing section.


Once you've made you changes, don't forget to click Save.

If active upload links were shared before disabling upload links, these links will remain active unless you delete them.

Individual File Size and Total Upload Size Allowed 

Default Settings

  • Maximum of 500 files per session
  • File Size: 25GB (or plan limit, whichever is smaller)
  • Total Upload Quota per link: 10% (or less) of the plan limit

If you would like to limit the individual file size or total upload size allowed through Upload Links, please contact Support to change these default settings. 


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